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Gas boiler service Belfast

Gas Boiler service Belfast - It is a legal requirement to have any gas appliance within your home serviced, every 12 months. Here at Unique Plumbing and heating we specialise in Gas boiler servicing in Belfast. Keeping your boiler working at its maximum potential, requires a yearly gas boiler service – which can be much more pivotal than you could imagine. The benefits include:

- Ensuring boiler manufacturer warranties are maintained.

- Lowering emissions from your gas boiler.

- Help maintain low running costs.

- Make your boiler safer within your home.

What does your typical boiler service involve?

If your boiler is serviced through Unique, you can rest assured its well-being is in the right hands. In any typical service you can guarantee that all necessary internals of the boiler will be cleaned, removing any dust or debris that could hinder any working progress. The gas valve will also be checked and adjusted to ensure the boiler is burning at the most efficient rate. Finally as combustion test will be recorded to prove your appliance has passed all safety check and any seals around combustion chamber will be cleaned if necessary – this whole process takes 45-60 minutes to carry out.

Upon completion you will be presented with a Gas Safety Certificate, outlining your boiler is now safe to use for the next twelve months. We again offer extremely competitive rates for gas boiler servicing, priced at £55.